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Monday, March 18, 2013

How do I protect my hair in the summer

When you begin summer trips and Khrojath, you usually Banjarmasin in various recreational activities, and Tattling hair care as required.
Is that your hair definitely needs intensive care in this period specifically as a result of being successive to the sun's harmful rays, if you want to enjoy the sea and sun all summer Follow these tips to protect your hair all summer.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

How does a patient angina marital cohabitation?

How does a patient angina marital cohabitation?
It is known that bout of angina occur when infected shortness in the arteries of the heart, when you do hard, sharp or emotion, pain may be the first compromised the presence of stenosis in the coronary arteries of the heart.

Explains Dr. Jamal Shaban professor Heart National Institute for the heart, saying, responds normally pain angina which may accompany marital cohabitation to eat grain of medication under the tongue, and if the patient's condition is stable may not be needed for more than pill from under the tongue for several minutes before marital cohabitation, but should tell your doctor and consult it envisages an amendment in therapy, or maybe needed to conduct other tests Kalkstrh attack or other.
In general, it is advisable to avoid marital cohabitation within two hours after a meal, or after bathing, but I doubt that the drugs used in the treatment of angina pectoris of beta-blockers (Kaltenormin and Alondral, etc.), or blockers calcium (Kaladalat and Aldltaazem and others) help the patient in carrying out its duties and normal life to the fullest, and the patient can help himself get rid of smoking, that was a smoker, and reduced weight, if obese.


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Questions and answers in brainy bloom

The aboriginal question: How do we assure our accouchement from animal harassment?
1 brainwash accouchement from a adolescent age and absolutely abroad from boorishness and abandonment in openness.
2 to be acquaintance by the child's age and are actual simplified and antiseptic with added adolescent adults with
3 Non-allowing accouchement to sleep-framed bed and a single.
4 should watch them back you comedy abnormally back the aloofness of their own. The assignment things depend on attitude for adults and innocence.
5 Do not acquiesce accouchement to comedy with adults and adolescents to abstain haraam things appear through corruption and abuse, delinquency, this is a abundant disaster.
6 should parents affliction and attention in the exercise of the animal accord with anniversary and every breadth Asatara allows eavesdropping to apprehend their choir or their accouchement because the children's concern in this attention actual seriously.
7 to abstain speaking or animal activation or activity of any kind.
8 Some mothers dispense her Marathon abandoned for sex back he was adolescent so he has to accession amusement and purpose of amusement and does not apperceive that this foreplay will accompany him problems.
Second question: How do we animate them in the case were it to acquaint us so we can do annihilation ... or at atomic anticipate the aggravation of any fresh as abundant as possible?
The parents of the adolescent that beleaguer tenderness, adulation and trust, including displace
2 abroad from the sow abhorrence in the hearts of accouchement so a adolescent can not be honest with his parents as a aftereffect of abhorrence
3 that the mother is abutting to her babe to admonition them break their problems and there is a babe after any problems may be amid those problems, the botheration of animal aggravation of all kinds of allocution to activity again the mother can accommodate tips to her daughter. And be abutting to the ancestor for his son to acknowledge his Peoples Bought 0.4 Cut or accommodate the accouchement with belief and incidents of allocution about abstemiousness and account to apprentice from the acquaint
The third question: What are the furnishings of animal aggravation on the attitude of the child?

Of the abounding after-effects of animal harassment, including the following:
1 accept the adolescent delights in this position and abide to do so and leads him to alluvion if not alone not accept admonition and beware of that.
2 abashed of the parties to acknowledge to parents or adults for abhorrence of corruption or the fun of it or authoritative fun of him ... etc. It is the additional ancillary is abashed of his antagonist because he is threatened with afterlife or article abroad that discloses it to any one.
3 feel affronted by the aggravation and how abounding cases we face in the dispensary that the victim cry added arrant and asks what I do and this shows the acerbity acquainted by the.
4 may be the victim of assailment accept been animus advance others aloof assaulted him and that the bend is abandoned in this situation.
5 may be abandoned autist dislikes do not appetite others in the amusing relations
6 of them ache from assorted cerebral Clinks strikes or abasement and sometimes suicide or obsessive-compulsive ataxia ... etc..
7 are aplomb and the added duke is actual weak.
8 may ache concrete illnesses and alike mental.
9 get abashed and acquisition it difficult to accord with them
10 afflicted Allots homosexuality or lesbianism for men for women
11 afraid to get affiliated for abhorrence of it but was affected to ally is not so blessed marriage.
12 abashed to say what is adversity from the ache in the animal amplitude and a array of infections.
13 adversity from astringent anguish
Controlled by 14 daydreaming.
For added on this accountable amuse apprehend the e-book (child sex corruption affidavit ..
And treatment)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Delivered two lectures the morning .Stories of a psychiatric hospital

Stories of a psychiatric hospital

Delivered two lectures the morning .. The Left and came back an hour on the ears ..

Abdul Aziz was with me .. Man of the most prominent preachers ..

We turned to him in the car .. I said: Abd al-Aziz .. There is a place I would like to go to him as long as there is sufficient time ..

Said: Where? I:: a mental hospital ..

He said: insane!! I said: mad ..

He laughed and said jokingly: Why .. Want to be sure of your mind ..

I said: no .. But the benefit .. We consider .. We know the grace of God ..

We touched on a building Kalmgarp .. surrounded by trees on each side .. it was the phenomenon of depression ..

We met a doctors .. Welcomed us and then we took a tour of the hospital ..

Take a doctor to tell us about the tragedies .. Then he said:

And not Kalmainp News ..

DLF us to one of the corridors .. I heard the voices here and there ..

The patient rooms are distributed on both sides of the aisle ..

We passed a room for our right .. If considered within more than ten beds is empty .. Only one of them may lie down upon a man who rose up with his hands and legs ..

I turned to the doctor and asked him: What is this!!

Said: This is crazy .. And get seizures .. Endure every five or six hours ..

I said: There is no power but of God .. Since when is this the case?

Said: For more than ten years .. withheld lesson in myself .. And went silent ..

After steps Mhinaha .. We went to another room .. Door closed .. In opening the door through which a man leaning out of the room ..

The signals indicate to us incomprehensible ..

I tried to steal to look inside the room .. If the walls and land brown ..

I asked the doctor: What is this?!! He said: Crazy ..

I felt he was making fun of my question .. I said: "know that they are mad .. If a reasonable person what we have seen here .. But what story?

He said: "If this man saw a wall .. Revolted and I accept the beat with his hand .. And sometimes beat him with his foot .. And sometimes his head ..

By day break his fingers .. And one day break his leg .. And encouraged his days .. One day .. We could not cure .. Vhpsonah in the room as you can see .. Walls and land

Lined sponge .. Image, as he pleases .. Then the doctor is silent .. He went ahead on foot ..

As for me and my friend Abdul Aziz .. Fezllna standing Ntemtem: Praise be to Allah who has recovered, which has tested you

Then we went walking between patient rooms ..

Until we passed a room where the family is not .. But more than thirty men .. Each one of them of the event .. This marks .. This sing .. This Itfatt ..

This dance ..

If three of them had seated on the chairs .. And tied their hands and feet .. They Itlveton around them .. And try to escape they can not ..

Surprised and asked the doctor: What are these? Why Rbttamohm without rest?

He said: "If they saw something in front of them assaulted him .. Breaking windows .. And air conditioners .. And doors ..

So we Nrbthm on this case .. From morning to evening ..

I said and I defend Aberti: since when they are on this case?

Said: This is the last ten years .. This seven .. And this again .. Did not take him only five years!!

I came out of their room .. I am wondering what they were .. And I thank God who has recovered, that eats ..

I asked him: Where is the exit door of the hospital?

He said: wait .. Left some sections ..

I said: What we've seen enough ..

Doctor walked and walked beside him .. And make passes in the way patients rooms .. We Saktan ..

And suddenly turned to me like a little something he forgot .. He said:

O Sheikh .. Here a man from the big traders .. Have hundreds of millions .. Mental injury to madness by his children and he came threw here two years ago ..

Here, another man was an engineer in the company .. And the third was ..

And before the doctor tells me Boqguam humiliated after Izz .. And others after they lacked essential .. And ..

Took a walk between the patient's room thinking of ..

Sobhan of the Department of livelihoods among the slaves ..

Gives whom He .. And prevent them from whom ..

Have money and kicking the man, happens and the proportions and positions .. But it takes him to mind .. So you see more people of money .. And powerful body .. But imprisoned in a psychiatric hospital ..

The high kicking another, happens .. And a lot of wealth .. And a great mind .. But take away from health .. So they took a seat on his bed .. Twenty or thirty years .. Is indispensable and will suffice ..!!

The people of God bestows health and strength and mind .. But prevents money betting baggage porter employed in the market or you see a poor destitute moving between the modest character hardly find enough to assuage his hunger by ..

It bestows on people .. And deprives him .. And your Lord creates what He wills and chooses .. What was good for them ..

Was incumbent upon all the afflicted to know God's gifts to him before that it is a catastrophe of their own .. Has deprived the money, he gave you health .. But has deprived you of them .. Has given you a reason .. The missed .. Islam has given you .. Blessed are you to live and die by it ..

Tell you now fill the top of your voice: Praise be to God

This breed has a arrangement you charge to apperceive well,

This breed has a arrangement you charge to apperceive well,
Must additionally get acclimated to the foods in anniversary of the breed A and blazon B
, Because the blazon AB contains a aggregate of both, there are
Some foods do not fit Kalpndorp blazon A, but they never
Fit the actual blazon AB, as it does not fit the blazon B as well,
Because of the commodity lectins Lectins that can not be
Borne by the bodies acceptance to both breed A and B, and
People this breed are characterized by abridgement of belly acids, which
Makes some red meat that is adapted for them in Vtakhtzn
Body balm in their bodies,
This description is begin in blazon A, while such added
AB is characterized by bodies who are accustomed with the meat
, And as such abide in the blazon B,
And so this breed is able-bodied organized on the acids of the few
Stomach, and at the aforementioned time get acclimated to the burning of
Animal proteins
And will appearance the best important foods that advice to access
And weight loss:
Foods that access weight:
Red meat:
Digested actual boring and stored in the anatomy balm 0
Pulses alkaline:
Prove insulin, which causes low claret amoroso and that
Thus causing the low amount of metabolism of food.
Seeds and grains:
Also annual low claret amoroso akin 0
Corn: abate the amount of insulin 0
Wheat: slows metabolism and reduces the admeasurement of insulin.
Foods that advice in weight loss:
Increase the acceleration of the metabolism of aliment 0
Dairy products: advice on the assembly of insulin 0
Green vegetables: advice actual representation
Pineapple: helps in the assimilation of non-digestible foods
Isa'daly and bowel movement.
Dog (KELP): is the seaweed helps to aftermath
Must break abroad from foods smoked or candy meats because these
Foods annual blight of the abdomen for bodies who
Are characterized by abridgement of acerbic secretions of the stomach,
This description is appropriate of bodies in ancestors A.
Meat advantageous for this breed are:
Mutton - abundance - turkey - rabbits - the liver.
Meat, banned for this breed are:
- Beef - craven - duck.
The abyssal bacilli is a acceptable antecedent of protein,
But there are some difficulties that can face
In the assimilation of lysine in some fish.
If the bodies in your ancestors history with breast blight do not
God forbid, you charge access the snails in your aliment arrangement and this
Marine snails accept the adeptness to get rid of bark diseases
And abolishment of the ache ..
Useful to angle for these species:
Salmon - sardines - Mackerel - Tuna -
Zip - acknowledgment Snabr (RED SNAPPER) -
Snails - squid - Shark - caviar ..
Fish, banned for this species:
Octopus - mollusk - shrimp (prawns)
Dairy articles and eggs:
Eggs are acceptable sources of protein but contains
High cholesterol,
The bodies acceptance to this breed are additionally at
For affection ache and the botheration is the saturated fat
The botheration is not the foods that accommodate cholesterol ..
Here we see that whites are not absolutely the blazon AB,
But the craven from the banned because of commodity lysine
Located in the anatomy of the chicken, while not begin in eggs,
I additionally like to acknowledgment that this breed is apparent to secretions of close
Sadr Vigolhm affected to respiratory infections chest
As able-bodied as colds and ear infections, therefore, should eat foods
Permitted and banned foods to abstain to move abroad
Health problems.
Dairy articles useful:
Mozzarella cheese - milk - sheep's milk - cheese Quraish -
Brick - cheddar cheese - Swiss cheese - cheese Quran
(Cups) - soy milk - soy cheese.
Dairy articles prohibited:
Butter - ice chrism - accomplished milk -
Butter Milk - Albarmisan cheese - dejected cheese -
American cheese.
Oils and fats:
Prefer to use olive oil for beastly fat
It helps to abate adverse cholesterol in the anatomy
And increases the acceptable cholesterol in the body.
Fats and oils useful:
Olive oil - almond oil - linseed oil -
Cod alarmist oil
Oils and fats banned:
Corn oil - affection oil - sesame oil -
Sunflower oil.
Nuts and seeds:
Nuts charge be addressed anxiously and in baby quantities may be the antecedent of
Good protein, but all the seeds accommodate a actuality bargain
The admeasurement of insulin, arch to a abatement in amoroso and low
The action of representation, and the almond is advised a actual acceptable antecedent for this species.
Nuts are useful:
Almond - (nuts or walnuts) - Almond Bajali -
Almond Sudanese -. Almond adulate - Peanuts - Almcdemia -
Cashew basics - almonds, Brazil.
Nuts harmful:
Papaya seeds - attic seeds - sesame oil (tahini) -
Sunflower seeds.
Lentil is the assignment of pulses, which is angry foods that annual
Cancer with lentils that is acceptable for bodies
Who accord to claret accumulation B, Valads contains actual adjoin
Oxidation of foods that annual cancer,
The pulses acrid apathetic amount of insulin production.
Useful of pulses:
All kinds of white beans and red beans and acrid
And atramentous beans.
Tortillas (CEREALS):
Recommended not to booty ample quantities of wheat, but can eat
Vellums quantities of specific species, abnormally fabricated of rice
And barley.
Vellums helpful:
Is fabricated from barley, rice and wheat.
Vellums prohibited:
Tortillas fabricated from corn.
Baking and Pastry:
It looks like tortillas and atom blazon foods Vaalghemh
Full is not allowed, abnormally in the case of bodies who
Suffering from close secretions in the chest or accept an access in the
Weight in this case, the rice flour, soy abrade
Is the best another for them and abstain the aliment fabricated from corn.
Useful of the bread:
Bread fabricated from amber rice - soy -
Made from accomplished aureate aliment protein.
Prohibited from bread:
Is fabricated from corn.
Useful of pasta is the following:
Made from barley, rice, wheat, no flour, rice, barley
And aureate are additionally all kinds of rice are allowed.
Pasta is banned from:
Type of pasta fabricated from buckwheat or pasta any
Pasta with arena bond and pasta and Kalondaumi
Almagi ..
Vegetables are a acceptable antecedent to assure the anatomy from diseases
Heart and cancer, abnormally for bodies who accord
To claret accumulation A or AB, because they accept weaker accustomed system.
Useful of vegetables:
Leaf beet - Broccoli - Celery - Cucumber -
Eggplant Atramentous - garlic - parsley - cilantro
- Sweet Potatoes - Spinach - Cabbage - Carrots
- Altered kinds of onion - attic - Tomato - Mushrooms -
Lettuce - Amber - okra - altered kinds of olives.
Prohibited from vegetables:
Ground bond - Avocado - white maize -
Maize - peppers, red and chicken ..
Some close fruits, guava Kalmanja not accurate
Of bodies acceptance to claret accumulation AB, but the pineapple is
Assistant acceptable for digestion. The orange should be abhorred from the arrangement
Food because it works to access the acuteness of the stomach, ie, arbitrate in the
Good assimilation of minerals,
But the grapefruit is acerb oranges is acceptable for this
Platoon, and auto is additionally an accomplished antecedent for these
Species because it helps assimilation and relieves chest secretions
Mucous, and bananas are a acceptable antecedent of potassium but not
Fits this breed can be annual by added fruits, Kalmhamsh
Different kinds of melons, figs, kiwi ..
Fruits useful:
Lemon - Pineapple - Plum - (a blazon of peach)
Kiwi - Grape - Blooming - Angel - Acceptable - berries -
Dates - Kherbz - Hindol - Youssef Effendi - raisins -
Pear - papaya.
Forbidden fruit:
Banana - Nargen - Guava - manga - orange -
Juices and fluids:
Useful for this breed to booty a bottle of baptize every day
Warm with bisected the auto abstract to get rid
Of close secretions that accept accumulated over a aeon of beddy-bye in
The morning and can alcohol a bottle of grapefruit
Papaya or beyond.
Of juices is useful:
Grape abstract - papaya abstract - celery abstract - Atramentous blooming abstract - allotment abstract - angel abstract - acceptable abstract - Grapefruit abstract - pineapple abstract - clip abstract ..
Is banned from juices orange juice.
Garlic is a actual acceptable antibacterial for this breed and the amoroso
And amber are allowed, but bound quantities.
Avoid atramentous pepper and alkali because it is acerb
And will appearance the best important foods and spices, both benign and adverse
Of the breed AB:
Very useful:
Cree - Parsley - Garlic - Dill - alkali - soy booze - amoroso - Tamarind - Flannel - Mint - honey - molasses - retriever - blush - cessation - agar - Alolmasip - Cinnamon - Herd - cardamom - rice Sherah ..
Prohibited, including:
Sherah blah - altered kinds of peppers - altered kinds of alkali - starch.
Must booty into annual the abatement of all pickled condiments because they annual blight of the abdomen and additionally abstain the ketchup that contains vinegar.
Neutral foods that do not abuse them:
Jam from the bake-apple accustomed - bake-apple clabber additionally accustomed - mayonnaise - Retriever - bloom bathrobe "taking into annual that the low-fat" ..
Ketchup and pickles.
Herbal tea:
It advantageous basic of amber - Ginseng - Blooming Tea
Drinking a cup or two cups of coffee increases the acidity of the abdomen and contains the aforementioned enzymes begin in soy, blooming tea and coffee drinks from the best
Useful, including:
Coffee of all kinds - blooming tea - beer ..
Alcoholic beverages - soda (Pepsi, etc.) - Atramentous tea (normal)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

ED in men causes - Diagnosis - Treatment

Prescribed for us, God of alliance to the animal delight of the couple, and can not be for this action to ability a satisfactory akin by the abandoned blow of able adjustment of the penis adjustment acquiesce a assimilation into the vagina and ends by throwing the berry central ejaculation. It is technically the weakness of adjustment of the penis leads to the abortion of this action , and afresh we charge attending for the annual and breach this botheration in adjustment to ensure the able activity of the animal act which strengthens the bonds of adulation and amore amid the spouses.
So the catechism for this botheration may be binding if the appulse on the couple's conjugal life, it is all-important to chase for the absolute band-aid for that, and not to accede this botheration is a charge aback in old age.
It is about a botheration in adjustment adumbration of the basal disease, to attending for and treat, but additionally about accept cerebral agent and invokes a chase for the attendance of ancestors problems, amusing or concrete or moral ... Etc..
Although the doctor may not be accustomed to amusement the problems is the associates generally, but he has to explain to the accommodating that his botheration lies in added non-organic origin, and advancement him to acquisition a band-aid and admonition him if accessible to solve, in accession to call what can be assisted from the drugs and the instructions on the skip the accepted stage.
Natural apparatus of erection:
Erection occurs aback there is an alien animal Alert (touching the wife or see or aroma the aroma or apprehend her voice) or myself (remember the wife or allocution about sex and animal action in general), may annual ad-lib erections during beddy-bye or aback the float is abounding or abrasion bound clothes ...
Anatomy of a photograph that shows the penis during adjustment and alleviation
Erection occurs afterwards an all-overs sexually admission the claret through the arteries of the penis to the genitalia architect penis and anticipate the abrogation of them, which leads to bushing cavities in the penis with claret and cool to the point of a acerbity that acquiesce him accepting intercourse, and is associated with added breadth of the penis and its surroundings.
There are 4 mechanisms are constant and fit calm so that an adjustment occurs:
1 - The Vascular
Artery charge be complete and not adulterated Ballard or blockage, and there is annihilation which reduces claret breeze into the penis, as it should appear a blockage in the veins of the penis in adjustment to bottle penile claret independent the smuggling does not action to him.
2 - neural mechanism:
Must be the fretfulness amenable for authoritative the alerts for the rod and approachable complete in adjustment to ensure a accustomed erection.
3 - hormonal mechanism:
There charge be able levels of macho hormone (testosterone) for acknowledged erection.
4 - cerebral mechanism:
There charge be a antithesis myself able to advance adjustment and bringing it to the adapted limit.
Non-organic causes of abstention or arrect dysfunction in men:
First - How to apprehend that the annual of analytic impotence:
A - The adjustment of a morning or afterward a astringent and able for intercourse.
B - the actualization of arrect dysfunction in assertive situations afterwards the other, which agency that arrect dysfunction is alternate and not continuous.
C - the brusque actualization of arrect dysfunction afterwards a accurate adventure or not, is usually a bit-by-bit actualization of affirmation on the botheration of membership.
D - the absence of the abnormality of bloom botheration (hypertension, diabetes, renal abortion ... etc.) or disturbances of movement (paralysis, accident, surgery, ... etc.) or behavioral (smoking, alcohol, drugs, drugs ... etc.).
II - non-organic causes of impotence:
1 - fear, all-overs or astriction associated with sex, abnormally if it was the aboriginal time, or the accord was actionable accompanied by abhorrence of the acrimony of God Almighty, as able-bodied as the abhorrence of alive the accouchement if they are in the aforementioned allowance or in an adjoining room, or the abhorrence of agreeable the wife is accepted because of the pain, as able-bodied as apropos about the abortion of antecedent adventures and the abhorrence of failure, as able-bodied as advance and action to an affecting accent and appropriately the acceleration of acclamation the penis relax accordingly.
2 - and the blitz blitz during sex may not accord the man abundant time for an adjustment and appropriately the basic abortion occurs, abnormally if it's too late, or afore activity to assignment or aback the attendance of a bedfellow or a brusque the buzz rang aback ... , And this may additionally annual abortive acclamation and appropriately the acceleration of the acceleration of the penis relax accordingly.
3 - depression, aloofness and brainy disorders may adjournment the blow of adjustment or achieve it not abundant to complete animal intercourse, and acquiesce in cerebration arresting may abnormally affect the sex in general, may advance to accelerated acclamation as well.
4 - affecting and bread-and-butter shocks such as blow of admired one or breach from application or blow of business or blow of abundance or money, leave a cogent aftereffect on the abashed arrangement achievement in accepted and animal achievement as well.
5 - conjugal problems, blow of aplomb amid the spouses is an important agency in arrect dysfunction, abnormally if you got problems to bed.
6 - abhorrence to the wife because of age or carelessness of claimed cleanliness or the attendance of a academic birthmark in or acknowledgment to communicable ache or a cancerous or a surgical, maternology or animal bleeding ... Etc..
7 - boundless sex or masturbation may about-face to the ED in the approaching as a aftereffect of burnout of intellectual, physical, or both, Acceptance man it is no best as it was afore and that there is a abatement in animal performance.
8 - Aftereffect films and pornographic images and acceptance continuously achieve the aphrodisia associated with the actuality of these things, do not appear afterwards adjustment (habitual behavior), appropriately activity aback on sex is important aback you do not get such excitement.
9 - the carelessness of sex for a continued aeon as a aftereffect of active assignment or travel, study, and the attendance prevents the anticipation of sex such as entering the bastille or war or analysis or a above anaplasty or accessory ... Etc., all that has followed a aeon of abatement in animal achievement and anemic adjustment for a best or shorter.
10 - apprehend some books or annual or behavior that shies abroad from sex and calls for and not abashed of marriage, which generates abrogating repercussions of the almsman appear alliance and sex in accepted may arrest adjustment or achieve it weak.
III - Management of non-organic abstention of origin:
When you apperceive the annual of abstention is amoebic origin, it is analytic that the analysis is alienated the cause, but the doctor is about affected to absorb biologic analysis with behavioral therapy, abnormally in the aboriginal stages of treatment, we will adduce the biologic analysis at a afterwards stage. We will focus now on the behavioral analysis of abstention is amoebic origin:
1 - to strengthen aplomb and adapt them to backpack out the action of allegiance in the framework of acknowledged marriage, they charge be assertive the man that what he does is aptitude and aptitude as bistro and bubbler is not controllable if accomplished according to its able context, and the abhorrence of abortion does not alibi him, anniversary fresh command marks the difficulties of a assertive nature, and charge echo the attack of the anew affiliated action until it alcove his goal.
2 - Not use booze or drugs or any medication afterwards medical admonition (if God did not achieve your healing in banned to you), alliance is the assignment of the brace busy it (the alms in a few of you), it is permissible to booty allotment amid anteroom and haram.
3 - an attack to assure his wife and advancing them mentally and physically for animal intercourse, because the wife and the bodies who are accommodating to facilitate admission for the bedmate to act, it additionally facilitates accord in the amusement that God has acceptable both in the alliance project. VValuableand comedy and allocution nice and absorbing amid the spouses is a means, not a charge to achieve the conjugal accord with a acceptable crop. The adjustment does not action until afterwards cuddle the wife of a affiliate of the husband.
4 - full-time if accessible for the action of animal and not accepting any troubles or abbreviate its duration, and try to accept the adapted time it, or cessation of added assignment to accession time if accessible aback flared annual (if you wants from his wife's need, let him attend, alike if the oven).
5 - The conjugal animal action every time is a fresh alpha for their accord charge breach the acceptable accepted as abundant as accessible and accompany fresh methods by the wife to attract her bedmate and carnality versa, and that appropriately acceptable conjugal beatitude and breach abounding outstanding problems amid them.
6 - the banishment of apropos at the admission to the abode and the cohabitation of the wife, and accede the problems of work, abnormally the activity time, and the acceptance that active disconnected and that the barter accumulation and blow {that lives on apple but on Allah livelihood, and he knows its abode abode and its bead in a bright (Hud: 6)} , and accretion aback calamity {who, aback afflicted with calamity, say: Allah and to Him we acknowledgment (al-Baqarah: 156)} and backbone in adversity, all of that to advance cerebral candor and accordingly there is no animal affairs worse, does not become a blow Museibtin.
7 - The blitz to boldness conjugal problems, simple of complex, is the best important life-support marriage, and should not be the sun rises on the brace but were accommodated and knew anniversary aberration and accept accomplished to apologize, and may be conjugal is the best acknowledgment offered by the wife to her bedmate or carnality versa (if Women are acme her husband's bed the angels anathema her until) (and abolish Abdul Razzaq for Aisha, may Allah by the words: «The ashamed by one of you to exhausted his wife as a actuality hits the aboriginal day and afresh exhausted her action with her, etc.»).
8 - If you encountered a brace of his wife abandoned in actualization or aroma of the aperture or blank in the absorption in it (or carnality versa) there is annihilation amiss to explain acutely to do so anon or indirectly, Valtjml bedmate and put on aroma and beautification and cutting the dress absorbing things to admission the appeal for a bedmate to his wife and abet has libido, which speeds up the blow of arrect dysfunction and strengthen him, and the faculty of the wife absorption of her bedmate by them aggravating to amuse him in assorted ways, abnormally in agreement of nationality, there is annihilation amiss from the accepted barter of annual and adulation of the bedmate appear his wife and carnality versa is one of the accepted faculty and things admired in Islam.
9 - Adorableness is relative, what is admirable in the eyes of a man who may not be nice at the last, and women, including able with qualities backpack a lot of admirable things added than adorableness of form, the abhorrence of the bedmate as his wife or not it, that will achieve has the inhibition of admiration has arrect penis does not blow them aback the anatomy of animal intercourse. The optimal band-aid to this botheration is to focus on the husband's added acceptable qualities in his wife Calova, adulation and affection and the adorableness of the anatomy and the cod and the adorableness of spirit and absorption to apple-pie her abode and her accouchement and her accordance to him ... Etc., women are kept safe by her bedmate in his view, and his abode is a abundance accession The ablaze of acceptance and appropriateness than the anatomy that may adumbrate abaft the adorableness of anamorphosis and ache of creation.
10 - A woman is at blow as men for the disease, as able-bodied as they may become assuredly disabled may achieve them clumsy to accommodated the needs of her husband's nationality, and that this botheration may achieve abash ample adjustment in men, although a admiration to have, that the backbone of man to his wife's affliction no agnosticism carries the meanings of animal ample and leaves a lot of annual bodies accept him in accession to allowance the Abundant God Almighty God willing, he said, the Messenger of Allah accord be aloft him: "Do not abhorrence a assertive woman, that dislikes one of her admiring with another" (ie, not hated hated accomplished acumen to leave her) , but if the man begin that animal admiration has a agrarian and affect his brainy and behavioral It is accomplished to ally afresh for sparing himself and acclimatized his sex activity better, with the call of demography into annual the acknowledged accoutrement that adapt polygamy in agreement of candor in spending and spending and added ... 
11 - at the alpha of marriage, it is accustomed that the brace a abundant accord of sex, but it may comes to an end over the affiliated tiredness and fatigue, concrete and intellectual, may ability the brace at some date of the complaint will not action adjustment or adjournment an adjustment of his or affliction associated with adjustment which makes the animal activity become added difficult than before, and the band-aid is to acknowledgment to the attributes of the physical, as is bistro aback hungry, you should accept action during animal arousal, but abounding couples accede action day job or a assurance of adulthood and added misconceptions that may be affiliated blow of aplomb is sometimes a aftereffect of the disability to achieve what he could achieve before.
12 - a lot of adolescent bodies afore marriage, masturbation, cerebration that this band-aid until comes the adapted befalling for marriage, behindhand of the Islamic cardinal of the habit, over-which may leave important influences, including a weakness in adjustment acting or continued as a aftereffect of beef fatigue associated with concrete penis, and this weakness leads to a blow of faculty of a lot of fun at marriage, and may advance to the acceleration of throwing the adolescent man will appear to apperceive aback to masturbate and afresh was gluttonous to become an embarrassment to him afterwards the alliance the wife actuality prevented from accessing to absorb Trha. The best band-aid to this bind lies in blockage by alienated the addiction as abundant as accessible and accumulate them actually all-important that they abhorrence the one on religion, but if afflicted by a actuality insured and acquired him accessible in the erection, he advised the doctor for an appraisal of him and adapted treatment, healing, God accommodating is mostly aggressive to this problem, but the processing time may be continued or cut, as the case.
13 - It's all-powerful axis a dark eye anathema for both males and females is axiomatic allowances for doctors who acquisition a lot of reviewers accuse of weakness in the arrect dysfunction acquired by a aftereffect films and chicanery are abbreviate of addiction, and some do not alternate to do things and the accomplishments of admirable to actualize the aforementioned atmosphere in which up to his desires. The fantasies and delusions and obsessions associated with the application of the taboos achieve the buyer enters the amphitheater accepted as the aboriginal did not apperceive the latest, aloof such as biologic corruption and alcoholism, Valmtah apocryphal that it finds the actuality in the aftereffect shots appetizing to achieve it sliding into affair from masturbation and catastrophe with the best abominable kinds of homosexuality, afresh up the accommodating in the end, to the point area no best able to admission the erection-exercise rituals abandoned antecedent application and homosexuality, may advance him to abuse himself or abuse others, and accomplish alarming crimes.
The band-aid is a antitoxin admeasurement (regardless of sight), and behaviorally (marriage), and analysis if the bearings had accomplished absolute to seek medical admonition urgent, and the analysis to strengthen acceptance and attrition and to accord up and affliction what antecedent of sins is the antitoxin to the absolute dilemma. The physician can admonition a accommodating by giving admonition and medicines that may be of admonition to canyon the ordeal, God willing.
14 - may accept some couples to move abroad from their wives for periods best or beneath as a aftereffect of captivation with carnal things, and during that affect these couples annual of sex and animal action who shall some of the banishment of those annual and beat and backbone it to go away, who shall the academician action the estimation of these annual as things that are not adorable Witold brainy reflex inhibits animal activation and fretfulness amenable for them because there is no adjustment occurs aback the cancellation of such ideas, and in those cases you may get an adjustment abortion or weakness aback you acknowledgment the bedmate to his wife suddenly, bound abandon during a assertive aeon is not continued usually. In such cases, the analysis by acceptable the accommodating that the bearings is safe and will acknowledgment for the achievement of the capability of citizenship soon, God willing.
15 - Islam is apprenticed and encouraged to ally him, Messenger of Allah, accord be aloft him: no monasticism in Islam. The Prophet accord be aloft him bodies who capital addition to fast forever, and the added that the accomplished night, and the third not to ally women so as not absent from the adoration of God, said to them, the Messenger of Allah accord be aloft him: "But I fast and fast, and adjure and sleep, and I ally women, it took me two years' is, and did not booty my Sunnah is not me. " Token medical, alliance affiliated cerebral abundance can abandoned be accomplished by the attendance of ancestors atmosphere and amusing accord arising from it, either from the point ended, not to anticipate about marriage, do affiliated aloofness physical, which can be likened to Palmmtna for aliment which could be up to the date of weakness so that the accomplishments like eat and alcohol in moderation. Abundant of the Book of Allaah and the Sunnah of His Messenger, accord be aloft him and based hadiy.
Organic causes of abstention or arrect dysfunction in men:
First - how do we apperceive that there is a botheration with the associates of the man:
1 - accommodating not often happens to accept an adjustment morning or night.
2 - do not be a abounding adjustment aback it occurs and harsh, but alter according to the degrees of the action and the date had been reached.
3 - Arrect dysfunction is a gradual, not abrupt, and may booty several months or years.
4 - associated with the attendance of amoebic ache diagnosed or undiagnosed.
5 - the attendance of accompanying affection of arrect dysfunction Kaltpol common (diabetes), cephalalgia (high pressure), fatigue in (renal failure) ... Etc..
6 - the accommodating takes medication may affect the arrect dysfunction (Antipyrine pressure, cerebral or acoustic drugs ... etc).
7 - the accommodating had an blow or anaplasty on the spine, arch or genitourinary ...
8 - Advanced accommodating age, area the complaint increases the added the patient's age.
II - What are the medical affidavit for arrect dysfunction or impotence?:
Divided into:
1 - vascular diseases: aerial claret pressure, diabetes ...
2 - acoustic diseases: diabetic neuropathy ...
3 - Hormonal disorders: ataxia beard of the pituitary gland, adrenal tumors ...
4 - distortions: curvature of the penis, baby penis admeasurement ...
5 - Trauma: Trauma, abnormally the back and the changeable arrangement ..
6 - Accepted diseases: branch failure, malignancies ..
7 - drugs: antidepressants, some hormones ..
III - Analysis of arrect dysfunction or abstention amoebic origin:
1 - analysis of the ache that causes: it helps ascendancy diabetes or aerial claret pressure, for example, a adjournment occurs, the vascular furnishings of the two and appropriately a best advantageous sex life, and charge accept medications that do not accept the furnishings of black the erection.
2 - articulate medication, such as:
- Fosfo de esterase inhibitors: Calceldenawel for example, but accustomed with attention as it may baffle with some affection medications Kalntrut causing a aciculate bead in pressure, and the best important ancillary effects: headache, afterglow ..
- Claret expanders: Kalliohimben .. And has the account in some patients.
3 - inject some drugs into the penis and Kalalbroustadel Alababavrin, aback the abortion of articulate medications.
4 - hormonal drugs: It is aback there is a abridgement of macho hormone (testosterone).
5 - Use of accessories abrogating burden adapted for erection: It is acclimated in patients who do not advance on articulate medications and are not acceptable for surgery, these accessories achieve burden abrogating about the penis to acquiesce the access of claret into the penis occurs erection, and afresh placed adaptable arena about the basis of the penis to anticipate the escape of venous claret .
Of abrogating burden accessories acclimated in the analysis of abstention
6 - advance alternatives to bogus (silicone) into the penis by surgery, several types (elastic, semi-elastic, inflatable ...), and is acclimated for patients with non-beneficiaries of the antecedent methods.
7 - vascular surgery: advantageous aback there is a blockage in the avenue of the penis or aback there is an escape of claret through the veins of penis.
IV - The attendance of amoebic abstention with cerebral origin:
Often the accommodating both amoebic and cerebral affidavit participants in the blow of impotence, so you charge booty the abundant news of the accommodating to get out a bright eyes about the annual abstention and appropriately has the adapted treatment.
A final word: 

Sexual relations amid men and women, an important basic of affiliated activity happy, but there is a abatement in the cardinal of times affairs acquaintance should not blemish the blow of the agents that become gradually stronger than that associated with sex alone, but charge try to acquisition the basal annual of this decline, afresh we do we accept reasons, and God used, and Praise be to Allah.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Keep your anatomy and alpha walking

Human nature-oriented walking and concrete action .. But in our association today, at atomic gradually and consistently the cardinal of bodies who use their anxiety or demography a concrete for their assignment daily.
For this admeasurement of the diseases that appear from abridgement of movement - obesity, diabetes, claret pressure, affection ache and other.
The absence of concrete action is one of the four basal accident factors for affection ache and circulatory arrangement in the present day. 
Why walk?
Walking is an action that helps to acquaint ample amounts of oxygen to the body.
Pedestrian and abounding added objectives, it improves the achievement of the assorted organs of the anatomy and improves the assimilation of amoroso in the cells, as able-bodied as claret fats, and helps antithesis claret pressure, affection disease, abate weight and additionally helps to abolish astriction and advance beddy-bye and accepted feeling.
The aftereffect of walking more good back Halfhearted on the base of the exercise right, walking accurately performs 5 times per anniversary for 60 account and accountability the appropriate of the banal alone as givens physiological, and put your heart, it could be the alpha of walking for beneath time and gradually advance to walking for 60 minutes.